Know About Us

In the year 2005, second unit was started purely for Resin manufacturing focusing on all types of resins for various paint products.

As Indus Paints specialiaed in customized solutions, Each order has to be formulated & manufactured. The real test lies in delivering consistent quality in minimum time . The production team boasts of the fastest dispatch time for various small to bulk tailor –made requirements in over 400 shades.

Any order that comes in has to leave in maximum 4 days time . The team is committed to reduce it further in the years to come.

We work closely with our customers to ensure ‘just in time’ deliveries as per their production Schedules there by reducing the customers inventory costs.

A part from the state of the art equipment. Indus Paints has a “system-based” approach , which ensures that each product that is sent to the client is flawless.

Right since its inception , Indus Paints has been doing sterling work in development of new applications and seeking innovative solutions. Unconventional problem solving endeavours have earned us the admiration of the Industry who come to us for providing tailor-made solutions.

The Innovation help Indus Paints to Provide customized solutions with a system approach towards developing better technology and offer comprehensive answers for specific requirements .The development of new products and methods along with constant product up-gradation helps Indus Paints remain a head of competition . We ensure supply of consistent quality products as per IS specifications.

We Had Created Resins For Every Paints